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Other Services


Brakes Services

Service: Maintenance


A vehicle’s braking system is its single most important safety feature, and cannot be taken for granted. Worn or out-of-adjustment brake parts will increase stopping distances and compromise your safety Whether you’re driving in a suburb or on wet, icy roads in Coquitlam or Maple Ridge, you have to trust that your brakes are up to the task! We offer brake inspections, brake pad replacements, brake rotor resurfacing or replacement, brake fluid flushes, and overall brake system maintenance. We will ensure proper braking performance and safety for your vehicle.

Electrical System Repairs

Service: Maintenance

We Provide expertise in diagnosing and repairing electrical system issues, including battery replacements, alternator repairs, starter replacements, wiring repairs, and troubleshooting electrical components. We ensure reliable electrical functioning for safe and efficient vehicle operation.

Engine Light Diagnostics

Service: Diagnostics

Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with our advanced Engine Diagnostics & Performance Services. Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to analyze and fine-tune your engine, delivering enhanced power, improved fuel efficiency, and long-term durability. From turbocharger upgrades to emission control solutions, we offer tailored enhancements for trucks, farm equipment, marine vessels, and RVs. Experience the thrill of driving with our precise, quality-driven approach. Visit us today and unlock your engine’s true power.”

Oil Change Maintenance


A regular schedule of oil and filter changes is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your car in good condition. Today’s engines can be maintained with oil changes at longer intervals of up to 8,000 km by utilizing full synthetic oil and depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the kind of driving you do. For stop-and-start highway driving, for instance, or cold weather extremes, you might need more frequent oil changes to protect your engine. Ask our trained mechanics about the right type of oil and an appropriate schedule for your vehicle’s oil change.

Routine Maintenance

Provide comprehensive routine maintenance services, including oil changes, filter replacements, fluid checks and replacements, belt and hose inspections, tire rotations, and more. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, extends the lifespan of vehicles, and helps prevent major issues down the line.

Engine Diagnostics & Performance Services

Transmission and Drivetrain Services

We Perform transmission inspections, repairs, and fluid changes for smooth shifting and optimal drivetrain performance. We also offer differential services, clutch replacements, driveline repairs, and other related services to maintain drivetrain integrity.

Towing & Mobile Mechanic Services

Vehicle Troubles outside the Shop? We got you covered. Whether your 
vehicle doesn’t start or if it simply can’t drive due to a flat, our professionally trained Gas & Diesel Mechanics will come to you even just a Battery Boost.

Winter Tire Change $100

No Appointment Needed, Fast Same Day Service, Walk-Ins Welcome




Receive A FREE Oil Filter with your oil change



Take 20% off your next Battery

Battery Life Vs Driving Conditions During the course of vehicle ownership, you will likely replace your battery more than once. The lifespan of your battery is affected by many things, from extremes of temperature to rough, off-road driving, which can jar a battery loose. Since your battery is a dynamic system, if you take many short trips, you may find that the charging system never has a chance to fully replenish your battery resulting in a breakdown of the electrolyte solution in your battery and reduced battery life. Whether your battery and charging system problems are due to corroded battery terminals, failing batteries, loose or worn alternator belts, or failed alternators, our technicians are trained and equipped to diagnose the problem, and quickly repair or replace your battery in order to get you back on the road. Drive in to Zee Auto Repairs for complete battery service. We will make sure you drive off happy.


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Braking News! save up to 15% off for all your brake parts

Our mechanics are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair all types of braking systems. Whether a simple brake adjustment or diagnosing and repairing anti-lock braking systems, our professional technicians will pinpoint the problem, and fix it right. We use only brake parts that meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Additionally, we provide our customers with a limited lifetime* defect warranty on brake pads and shoes for as long as you own the vehicle. We take safety in braking very seriously. This is why we offer brake inspections as a primary part of our oil change maintenance package. Roll into our location today to make sure your brakes are working optimally!


Suspension and Steering Services

We Perform suspension system inspections, repairs, and upgrades, including shock absorber replacements, strut replacements, ball joint repairs, wheel alignments, and steering system maintenance. This ensures smooth handling, stability, and comfort for your vehicle.